Wacky Animal Awards

Get blown away with these top three, top wacky and top bizarre animal awards ever awarded, ever!


What do you do when a chimpanzee’s painting wins awards, acclaim and fame?

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Live with Tight Collar

I always live with a tight collar, says Ajoba, the leopard.

Few years ago, I was lost in a jungle of buildings, flyovers, roads and much more. I realized that I had reached human territory. But, before I could turn around and leave the human habitat, I fell into a deep slump. After struggling for a few hours there, I was rescued by some firemen.

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February 2014

The importance of kingdom animalia is significant. Imagine a world without any animals! From our pets, the dogs and cats, to butterflies and bacteria, kingdom animalia is made up of millions of members.

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A Brave Act

When Mukund goes to the Vandalur Zoo, the unexpected unfolds!

I love animals. Last year, I got a chance to express my love for these fellow beings when we went on a school excursion to the Vandalur Zoo in Chennai.

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Marked Territory

Dr. Dodo is all set to take our design team out on a trip to a secret nature reserve. In the end, a really mysterious incident that charms the whole team unfolds. Let’s creep into nature’s enclave.

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Testing… One, Two, Three…

BW Feb 2014  web only and evil science


Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or a top corporate honcho, it takes more than just desire. You need great passion and most importantly, real skills to succeed. May of us think that we should do an MBA. But the reality is that MBA programs cannot teach you entrepreneurship. Good MBA programs are costly, teach mostly theory and are taught by people who haven’t been entrepreneurs themselves.

At Brainwave, you get the opportunity to do much much more than an MBA program. Intern with us! True – joining our team is very difficult. True – you have to slog it out for at least 5-6 months. But, we promise that you will go back with unprecedented learning. It is faster and a lot lot more hands-on. And what more, you will be paid!

Our doors are always open to passionate individuals who realise this. Sure, if you think you have crossed the internship phase and are ready for a permanent role, you can apply too. But, be prepared to answer many questions and perform many test tasks. We work only with the best – in attitude and fundamental knowledge. And if you are selected, the sky will be the limit for your professional growth.

All positions are based in Bangalore, India. Email your profile, work samples and a short paragraph on why you want to join us - to sasikanth.c@ack-media.com

  • Technology Intern (programming / coding):
  • Programmer:
    • Very sound coding fundamentals are needed
    • Should be exceptionally good with Javascript, Nodejs, MySQL, HTML5 and PHP
    • Should be willing to perform test tasks and go through 2-3 interview during the selection process
    • Knowing about, and having the ability to follow good coding standards
    • 2-4 years experience is mandatory for non-intern roles
  • Marketing Executive (digital as well as on-ground):
  • Digital Marketing Intern:
    • Creative writer, especially with regard to children, parents and teachers
    • Well versed with handling facebook pages, blogs and youtube channels
    • Quite active in seeking out related discussion forums and evangelists
    • Patient and thorough researcher, especially related to science and maths
    • Good command over English grammar
    • Love working with kids. You will interact with 8-15 year old children at various events
  • Illustration, Design and Animation Intern :
    • Well versed with Indesign, illustrator and photoshop
    • Knowing how to animate and edit raw video footage would be an added advantage
    • Understand what 8-15 year old children like and adjust style accordingly
    • Be able to simplify science and maths content and present it in the form of infographics
    • Love working with kids. You will  interact with 8-15 year old children at various events


Common characteristics required for all roles :

  • Multitasking and entrepreneurial mindset
  • Patience, and great research & learning ability
  • Ability to take negative feedback and improve
  • Minimum 6-months commitment (for internship) and 2 years commitment (for permanent roles)
  • Planning, pacing and delivering work strictly as per timelines
  • Organized, disciplined and accountable
  • Sense of ownership and willingness to stretch the extra bit whenever needed (which will be quite often)


What you can expect to gain :

  • Great learning from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Great skills and attitude
  • Great freedom and personal-work life balance
  • Being a part of something disruptive and true startup culture, without having to go through financial insecurity
  • Working alongside legendary brands like Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle
  • Cool performance based perks
  • All the comic books you can read!


People you will be working with, learning from and teaching:

  • Your General Manager is an entrepreneur with recognition from Business Week, FYSE Hong Kong, BITSAA Global, CNBC (India) Young Turks, etc. He is a BE (Hons.) EE from BITS Pilani, ELP grad from London Business School and MDP grad from IIM Ahmedabad. He is currently at Startup Chile, representing Brainwave.
  • Your Technology Head has an ME in CS from BITS Pilani, and has 17+ years experience building world class teams and products at MNCs like Amadeus, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Infosys TATA and Xerox.
  • Your Design Lead is an Art, Design and Technology graduate with 5+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience. She has hacked her learning and honed her skills with real world experience. She wrote for a design platform, painted city commissioned walls, travelled, had a semi-nomadic lifestyle, served as a trustee for an arts and technology trust, illustrated for various publications and helped set up & run the pilot program of Startup School, a 3 month residency program built around free online education and internet startups.
  • Your Editor has a B.Tech & M.Tech in Biotech, and an M.Sc. in Scientific Research & Communication. She has worked with the Asian Age and Mars One in London, and has expertise in Content Creation, Media Relations, Communication Management and Scientific Adviser Relations.

Feb 2014 – DIY videos from BW Magazine

Egg Bulb

Honeybees Teach Geometry


Grey Matter Contest Winners for December 2013

  • Roshni Choudhary
  • J.Kapaga Vidhya Lakshmi
Young world - 17-12-13

November 2013 Smartenstein

Bhavya Mehta

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