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Number Games with the Abacus

by Sridevi P

Ever wondered how, hundreds of years ago, people did everyday calculations without pens, pencils or calculators? How could maths be done without even knowing how to read or write? The answer is easy – they used an Abacus!

An abacus is a counting frame with beads that slide up and down on a series of wires or strings within a frame. It was used for centuries by traders and shopkeepers, before the modern number system came into use.

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The Eureka Moment!

by Skree!

A little effort to catch a dishonest goldsmith led to a big discovery. Let’s find out how.

One day, in ancient Greece, the king said to the goldsmith: “Here’s a bar of pure gold; make me a crown.”

In a few weeks, the goldsmith presented the crown. It was as heavy as the bar of gold. But the king had a funny feeling. He suspected that the goldsmith had kept some of the gold aside for himself and used cheaper silver to make the crown of the same weight.

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Bringing Dodo Back

by Nandita Jayaraj

Dr. Dodo loses his memory in an accident. Only fond memories of Arby and Alby can revive him…

BANG! CLANG! BABOOM! The residents of Brainwave Lab, popularly known as the Smartys, were used to explosions coming from Dr Dodo’s lab. But even Skree!, who had been around the longest, had to admit that this was the loudest.

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Winners of Contests in October 2014 ‘Light and Vision’ Issue

Fevistick Super Glue Stick Contest: Snehal Pophale

Shady Science: Snehal Pophale

Sci-Q: C.S. Ramachandran

Treasure Hunt: Utkarsh Shinde

Celeb Science: Aadityan Ganesh

Toy Box: Ishaan Trivedi

Light Catchers: Ishaan Trivedi

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