Slippery Slope

Make an inclined plane on a table or a floor, using some books. Now, slide a pencil cell (AA battery) across the inclined plane such that it rolls on to the smooth surface of the table (or floor). How far does the battery roll before coming to rest? Make a note of that point and distance.

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The Natural Wonders of the World

We have read enough about architectural wonders of the human world. Now, let’s read about structural marvels built in the world of animalia!

Honey Comb

Honeycombs are the most intricately designed creations of nature. Each waxy cell is a meticulous, flawless hexagon. Its six wafer-thin sides provide not only strength to the structure but also the smartest way to store more honey!

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Brainwave Magazine May 2014 Contest Winners

Winners of various activities in the May 2014 issue are:

Treasure Hunt: S Harshini

Toy Box: Jessica Chris

Most Loyal Reader: Vaman N & Abishek D

Fan Fiction: Shivank Kacker

Eye See: Riya Bajaj

Science Fiction: Vaishnavi Menon

Sci-Q Time: Dakshayini Hosmani

DIY: Abishek Devendran

Super Scientist (Youtube): No one

The BW Smartenstein title, certificate and mystery gift go to S Harshini
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All participants, please note that you have to send in your entries with the right subject line, your picture, age, school, complete address (along with pin code), and phone number. Entries without these details often get lost in the heaps of emails we receive. Don’t risk it!

July 2014: The Science of What We Build!

Dear young friends

Architecture isn’t as simple as it seems to be. It involves planning, designing and constructing – while ensuring durability, utility and beauty. It’s one of those rare disciplines that brings art and science together.

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WO Sherlock

Sweet Fire

WO Magic Science

Thundering Blunders


Half-animal, Half-human


Smartenstein April 2014

Anita Banerjee

Smartenstein March 2014

Jaganathan Kamath

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