August 2014

Young friends,

The Earth gives us energy and materials we need. The responsibility of using these gifts wisely is ours. As human population grows, it makes sense to use our planet’s offerings smartly so that we can get the most out of them.

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Strange things are happening in Toronto. Black smoke is drowning the city and making everyone sick. An evil mutant Professor is plotting to destroy the environment with his scientific creations. Before people can realize, never, ever seen before monsters start attacking, and they are helpless.

But… wait! There are four kids and a puppy with special powers to fight back.

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The Supergreeners

A Tryst with Green Man

Based on an idea by Vidhu Raturi

One day, I was at the game parlour with friends. I was playing my favourite game, Green Man: Mission Earth. Suddenly, there was a power cut. I tried to reach out for the mobile phone in my pocket, I remembered the torch app I installed recently. But before I could do that, someone grabbed my shoulder and…

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Dr. Nikhil Gunari is a serial entrepreneur developing clean tech products. He has cofounded three companies, the most recent one being Sylleta Inc., which is developing cost-effective eco-friendly solutions for the fish farming and shipping industries. He has over 26 publications, 4 inventions disclosure and 3 patents pending in the field of surface science.

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Smartys Revamp BW Lab

Dr. Dodo has just witnessed the terrible and unacceptable future where all fuels are gone and pollution is everywhere. He has made up his mind…things at BW are about to change.

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Structures and Our World

Web only July 2014 2

House of Cards

Web only July 2014 1

Crazy Construct

Brilliant work of architecture can be witnessed in some structures!

Krzywy Domek – It might look like a typo, but it is not. Like the structure itself, Krzywy Domek in Polish means ‘little crooked house’. It is an irregularly shaped building in Sopot, Poland. It is approximately 4,000 square meters in size.

Szotyńscy & Zaleski, who were inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer, designed the Krzywy Domek. Colourful stained glass entrances, stone elevation decors and windows framed with sandstone give a special impression.


A Visit to the Museum

Vicky has turned 14 today. But he doesn’t want to celebrate it in the typical way. So, he finds for himself, something cool to do and someone great to meet!

Vicky had a love for structures that was inexplicable. Every time he would walk out, he couldn’t take his eyes off the tall buildings. He always wanted to know what goes into making structures which are so strong that so many people to live in them.

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Slippery Slope

Make an inclined plane on a table or a floor, using some books. Now, slide a pencil cell (AA battery) across the inclined plane such that it rolls on to the smooth surface of the table (or floor). How far does the battery roll before coming to rest? Make a note of that point and distance.

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