Nobel Prize for the Nutty Heads

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Inside Cakes

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Internet at Light Speed


The Glowing Crystal Ball



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Fibre Optic Cable

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Light: Then and Now



Aladdin’s Summer with Science

On a hot summer day, Aladdin and Genie were enjoying a raspberry ice cream.

Aladdin: “Genie, please teach me some magic. I want to show it to my friends at school.”

Genie thought for a while and said, “Ok master, I will teach you a different magic today, science magic!”

Aladdin, “Ha ha, Genie, How can science be magical?”

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Magic Science

Power Packed Light!

Since he planted the marigolds on his window sill, Alby spent many mornings admiring the little plant. This is how his day started. He would stare at bright flowers gleaming in the sunshine, its green leaves still wet from the morning dew.

One morning, a thought crossed his mind. Questions about how he and the plant were different dodged him throughout breakfast.

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All About Shadows

One day, Rohan discovered all about shadows.

Before he did, he was scared of them… very scared.

You know that feeling when you suspect someone is chasing you everywhere? Wherever you go, that ‘someone’ follows.

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Shady Science

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