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Case of the Vanishing Stain

Alby and Arby are in a soup. Stains are tough to get rid of, especially from a white dress. But science will save the day…

It was Skree’s birthday. Alby and Arby were decorating the lab for the party. Suddenly, a balloon burst, startling Arby. He bumped into a shelf. Crash! A bowl of soup fell to the ground. Thick creamy soup splattered all over a dress that was lying nearby.

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Brainwave Magazine September 2014 Contest Winners

Winners of contests in the September 2014 issue are:

Ask Us Why: Mukund Nagarajan Rao

Fan Fiction: Suraj Krishnan

Copy Cat: Aniket Allakky

Treasure Hunt: Vishal Raghavan

Sci-Q Time: Rohit Bramhapuram

Smartenstein: Arathi Parameswaran

Brainwave Magazine August 2014 Contest Winners

Winners of contests in the August 2014 issue are:

Toy Box: Janit Dua

Expert Talk: Shivangi Gupta

Fan Fiction: Jagannath Kamath

DIY: Pragun Padukoli

Treasure Hunt: Atul Tondon

Ask Us Why: Akhil Sarvesh Ganeshan

Smartestein: Shivangi Gupta

November 2014: You Deserve it!

Dear Readers

This month we are celebrating YOU! Yes, you! All the children in the world deserve a dedicated day (and a magazine issue). Thankfully in India, 14th November is Children’s Day.

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Nobel Prize for the Nutty Heads

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Inside Cakes

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